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1. Carry out your Background Study and receive your results
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2. Request the Trademark Registration with us
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Request the registration of your trademark with us

We submit the trademark registration application to the SIC and follow up on the process, informing you of any eventuality at each stage of the process.

To begin with, you must know if your Trademark is registrable through a Background Study.

If you want to proceed directly to the registration application without conducting a Background Study, you can also do so at your own risk.

Trademark registration process in detail

Once your trademark registration application is filed, this is what will happen:

tramites de registro de marca

1. Formal Examination: The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will review the formal aspects of the application for trademark registration. This step should take 15 business days, but due to the current volume of requests, the SIC takes a little longer.

tramites de registro de marca

2. Publication: Once the SIC has reviewed that the application meets the formal requirements, it will publish it for 30 business days in the Industrial Property Gazette.

tramites de registro de marca

3. Oppositions: The publication in the Official Gazette is done with the purpose that third parties are aware of the application in process and if they have a legitimate interest, they oppose the registration of the trademark.

tramites de registro de marca

4. Background Examination: It is the last step of the process. The SIC will proceed to carry out an assessment of the Trademark and find out if it meets the legal requirements to be granted. There is no maximum term for this step, but the SIC takes an average of 2 months to decide.

tramites de registro de marca

5. Resources: If the trademark is denied, the appeal will proceed.

In total, a trademark registration process in Colombia is taking between 6 to 8 months. That’s why you should not wait anymore to request the registration of your trademark, start with us.

Additional costs

There are 2 situations in which you will have to pay additional fees:

If neither of these two situations arises, you will not have to pay said fees.

Know our prices


If during the publication period of your trademark a third party opposes the application for registration of your trademark, we charge an additional amount for responding to each opposition.


If the SIC deny the application for registration of your trademark, we charge an additional amount for preparing and presenting the appeal.

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